What is Waggr?


Waggr is a secure, lightweight and robust chat platform built with simplicity in mind. Whether holding meetings, chatting about live events, discussing ideas, sharing hobbies and interests, or even just getting to know people, you can be up and running in seconds. All your friends need is a link to the room, and you’re away.


To use a public room there’s no registration required and Waggr doesn’t track IPs, chat history, or any other personal data. In this age of personal information protection, we understand how important it is to know you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Because of the way the Waggr engine works, there’s no need for data to be stored on the server at all. Anything you say, send, or do is broadcast straight out to the other room members.



The completely anonymous basic free account. You just have to pick a username (if it’s available) when you enter a room.



When you create a pro account you can choose a username to own. No one else can use it.

You’ll also have a profile page and an avatar.



Premium users can create and moderate their own rooms. They can also add password protection to make their rooms private.


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